Sleeping with the Dragon

The Dragon knew he was in trouble the moment his new client said his wife’s name.  Marilynn Stuart.  He just agreed to represent the husband of the woman he was sleeping with.

He went pale and suddenly felt ill.  Mr. Stuart asked him if he was alright.  “No. no, I’m fine.  Must be something I ate,” he replied as he thumped his chest as if he had indigestion.

Mr. Stuart hoped The Dragon was a better lawyer than he was a liar.  “If you want I could come back later,” he offered.

“Nonsense.  I’ll be fine.  Now where were we?” gulp.

“Well, I’ll get right to the point.  I want to sue Marilynn for divorce.  If you can prove she’s having an affair, well, lets just say I don’t want to lose half of my wealth.”

Mr. Stuart definitely was a wealthy man.  He was also not someone to have as an enemy.  He had ties to the criminal underworld, and on occasion a rival or competitor had mysteriously gone missing.  Things could go very badly for The Dragon if Mr. Stuart caught on.  He’d have to be very, very careful.

“I understand,” The Dragon replied.  But you understand that these things never end well.   As a matter of course, I advise each client that if at all possible, its always better to work these things out between themselves.”

“I shouldn’t think you’d be turning down business, Counselor. ”

“Oh, not at all.  And please, call me Chad.” He better think fast.  “Tell me, upon what evidence do you suspect you wife is being… ‘unfaithful’?”

“I’ve suspected for a while, but I never had any real proof.  Until, that is, this morning.  I… found something…” he paused, pained at reliving the moment yet again.  “I found a handkerchief in our bedroom.”

“A handkerchief?”  His throat went dry.  All his handkerchiefs were monogrammed.  “Finding a monogrammed handkerchief is hardly cause for suspicion.”

Mr. Stuart’s face went hard.  He reached into his pocket and produced a baggie with the evidence.  “I didn’t say it was monogrammed,” he said in a dry voice.

The dragon’s face broke out in a cold sweat.

“Well naturally I assumed it was.   I’d hardly think you’d be wasting both your time and mine otherwise.”  Whew.  Better be more careful, Dragon!

“I see you point.  Anyhow, here it is.”  He opened the baggie and showed him the hanky with the fancy letters: CSJ.  “Funny, the initials are close to yours, except the letters are in the wrong order.  Yours are CJS, aren’t they?”

Chad laugh with relief, “Yes, CJS, not CSJ.”  Chad Jacob Shillin.  Now would not be a good time to educated Mr. Stuart about monogram initials.

“It’s not much to go on, but maybe you could have you investigator look into it while he’s, you know, following her around.  Here, take it.”

Chad reached out to take the package.  Relief!  He’ll get rid of the damn thing.  Claim he misplaced it.

As he handed it over, it struck him that it perfectly matched Mr. Shillin’s suit.  And strangely, the suit pocket was empty.  “On second thought,” Mr. Stuart said as he pulled the baggie back to himself, “maybe I’ll hold on to this.”

As Mr. Stuart walk out of the office, The Dragon, a fearsome opponent in the courtroom, was, for the first time in his life, terrified.


About UnderCoverChris

An American traveler teaching English in South Korea. See the world through my eyes.
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