Follow me to Korea!

"Follow me to Korea!"

I still have the dream.  I’m lying in my new girlfriend’s arms.  And… oh, I can’t bear it… and she looks at me sweetly and says, “Chris, my love, come live with me in Korea.”  And its a terrible, horrible dream because no matter how hard I try, I just can’t make my lips say the word, “No!”Then I wake up, and here I am, on the other side of the world.  And that, in a nutshell, is how I came to live in Korea.

The slightly longer version goes something like this:

I’m lying in my new girlfriends arms, and she looks at me sweetly and asks, “Chris, my love, come live with me in Korea.”

No, seriously, its not quite like that.  The truth is a little different.

Back at the time I was living in Guatemala.  I took a job teaching English because my money was running low.  One of my students was a guy from Korea called Jin (fitting name, considering how much alcohol he consumes!)  From him I discovered that in Korea, good jobs are easy to find.  Koreans spend oodles of money on their English education, and they are in desperate need of foreign teachers.  At first, I didn’t seriously consider it.  I love Guatemala and have friends there, and I had high hopes for the future.  But then I met April, a short, cute, energetic Korean girl who was so shy, it took her an entire three months to say more than Hello and Goodbye to me.  After she became my girlfriend, however, things changed (now I can’t get her to shut up!).  That’s not what I mean!  I was talking about why I moved here.  You might say I was motivated by love, but you wouldn’t be entirely right.  Truth be told, love is expensive!  At $5.00 per hour, I was broke all the time!  So I moved to Korea, partly for love, partly for money, and am living happily ever after.

In the following weeks and months, I’ll be posting stories about my experiences here.  If you have specific things you’d like to know about, feel free to ask.  Otherwise, I’ll write mainly about what its like to be a very conspicuous foreigner living in South Korea, the “Land of the Morning Calm”, and little yellow people.


About UnderCoverChris

An American traveler teaching English in South Korea. See the world through my eyes.
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3 Responses to Follow me to Korea!

  1. Haha, I can’t believe you’ve just called them little yellow people! Good luck for your adventures in Korea.

  2. My girlfriend is little, and it’s true, she really is yellow! But strangely, Korea is full of many very tall people. I was shocked when I first got here! They say its from a better diet. With better nutrition, they grow taller.
    Another phenomenon: More fat Koreans because of more Junk Food.

    • That’s interesting to hear! I have to say that I’ve never been to Asia, but I know a few Asians over here and they are all quite petite (so obviously enough for me to form a stereotype in my head ;))

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