Watch Out, John Wayne!

Has this ever happened to you? You’re in a wild dusty town in Mexico where all the people are short, and you want to go into a saloon for a drink, and you see a bar and its got bright red saloon doors. And so you think, “I’m John Wayne” and you thrust your shoulders back, hands ready at the hip, and you go and smash those red doors open like the bad guy’s inside and you wanna kick some ass. And you don’t see the doors are only five feet high ‘cause everyone’s short. And you smack your forehead right off the door jamb and get thrown back out into the street where you just came from. And your friends laugh at you. And the people inside laugh at you and your face is as red as those big saloon doors. Has that ever happened to you? Well partner, It happened to me.  Merida, Mexico, May 2000.


About UnderCoverChris

An American traveler teaching English in South Korea. See the world through my eyes.
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2 Responses to Watch Out, John Wayne!

  1. I’m really trying hard not to laugh but it ain’t working! lol…

  2. You’re so good to me, sis.

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