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A Trip to the Country

After five hours on the road, we finally pull up to the small farmhouse.  April’s mother is sitting on the porch, arms crossed and stone faced.  She’s not happy to see me.  This is going to be a weekend from … Continue reading

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Officer Ramirez slid open the heavy oak door.  His heart immediately sank.  As an Officer of the Law, he was no stranger to the smell of burning marijuana, but it always broke his heart when it greeted him at his … Continue reading

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Watch Out, John Wayne!

Has this ever happened to you? You’re in a wild dusty town in Mexico where all the people are short, and you want to go into a saloon for a drink, and you see a bar and its got bright … Continue reading

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Korean Wedding

I step out of the taxi and light up a cigarette.  I’m in front of a Korean wedding hall.  Today, I get to see a real Korean wedding! Lots of people in suits and dresses are milling about outside.  I … Continue reading

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Woman of the Sea

On a recent trip to Jeju Island, we visited the Haenyeo Museum, where we learned about the women deep sea divers of Korea.  While touring about, we had opportunity to stop and take pictures.  We ended up helping drag their heavy … Continue reading

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Follow me to Korea!

I still have the dream.  I’m lying in my new girlfriend’s arms.  And… oh, I can’t bear it… and she looks at me sweetly and says, “Chris, my love, come live with me in Korea.”  And its a terrible, horrible … Continue reading

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The Haunting

I had the unfortunate experience of being haunted by a real ghost! I was living in Antigua, Guatemala at the time, and didn’t know about any ghosts, until I went to visit a friend of mine, who is a shaman.  Shamans are … Continue reading

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